Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taking Tommy for his first walk

Well Louise was in the office again yesterday and as usual had a lot of fun. No getting sick this time, which was good. At one point, a few of us stepped out for a quick stroll and of course Louise was to come along. Shortly after getting going, I passed the leash over to Tommy, who then informed us that he had never walked a dog before.

During Tommy's interview to work with us we had to disclose that there is usually a dog in our office. Each day of the week is a different one and this was an area of concern for him, as he was not used to dogs. We called it a 'growth opportunity' and hired him anyway.


Anonymous said...

You are just miss personality. I love your smile. Can't wait to meet you. Does your people all have their feet? Heard about the feet stories in the new.
Be safe all!

iTripped said...

Thanks Grandma! So far, we all have our feet, which really helps on those walks. Tomorrow will be a bonus post day, since Louise will be sneaking into the office twice this week! I'll see if I can come up with something good to share.