Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunsets on Sundays

It's that time of the year again, when the last walk of the night is still done in the daylight. Not that I mind at all - our condo has a 'garden view', which is to say there is a building next door that blocks any possible direct sunlight from entering our bedroom window. It could be sunlight twenty-four-seven and we would have no problem sleeping.

There was a pretty big festival today on Denman street, and we were down wandering among the crowds. Louise was a big hit with the kids and even managed to get some frozen yogurt from the Doggy Style Cafe. We also got her an LED blinker thing that hangs on her collar. I suppose it is for safety, but really, it is better at attracting even more attention.

After the festival, the beach continued to stay busy, and the street buskers moved closer to the water to perform where the crowds were at. Louise and I had to go on the sand to get around one of the crowds, it was that large. Of course, the performer was just wrapping up his show, so we continued our walk without the entertainment.


Sandy said...

Just to let you know how much I enjoy seeing and hearing about Louise, I'm planning on taking my laptop on vacation ;-). Granted I also plan on keeping up with Urban Pug and Owned by Pugs, but I just love to see the pictures of Louise.

iTripped said...

Hey thanks, Sandy! It is all the comments that drive me to continue posting to the blog. Glad to hear you enjoy the pictures.