Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pit stop at Apple on the way to work

Last night Louise and I met Tony, a two year old English Bulldog who was very eager to introduce himself. Being just a youngster, he really wanted Louise to play with him, but of course she was having none of that. She was good around him, but absolutely refused to give chase, no matter how many times he suggested it. In the end, he really didn't mind though - I think he was just happy to be outside instead of indoors being settled down for the night.
In the morning, Louise set off with my wife and I to check out the newest Apple store - the first one in this part of Canada. I think she liked the idea of being allowed into the mall, even though the stroller had to be zipped up. She kept meeting little kids in strollers who really liked being surprised by a dog. My wife had to help us get to the lower level of the skytrain station when it was time to leave because we could not locate the required elevators to get to the level for outbound trains. That meant collapsing the stroller and having Louise navigate an escalator on foot. Once she was on, she took a seat and enjoyed the ride. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised.

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PugNYC said...

what a great looking dog stroller!