Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun on the long weekend

Louise and I have a lot of photos to share this post. The long weekend is just wrapping up for us, and I have had the opportunity to take Louise out on several long walks. The weather was really nice and it seems that most of Vancouver made it out to enjoy the sun by the water.After playing along the seawall, we headed over to Barclay Park, where Louise had to inspect the fountain. By that point she was pretty warm from the sun, so I had to lift her up to let her get a drink from the middle portion of the fountain. Obviously, I wasn't able to catch a photo of that exercise, since I only have two arms.

We also walked past a few beaches, and Louise is already running into the water. (She had stopped over the winter, indicating that she does have some sense, at least.) Here you can see her stopping in the middle of the beach to see if it is okay to proceed or not before taking the plunge.
Before coming home with a wet dog, we continued walking along the seawall and wandered past some wildflowers - something I haven't seen in Vancouver very often. In fact, the last time I saw flowers like these was along the Coquihalla highway. At the time, there were a few other dogs being walked along this part, so Louise really didn't care much for the flowers and it took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to sit still long enough for me to take a photo. By the time we took these photos though, it was getting dark, and time to head home.
When we got back, it was time to give Louise a bath - she was in False Creek, after all and let's face it - that's nasty water on the best of days. Once again, I forgot to take a photo of Louise covered in suds, but one day I might remember. Of course, some video of her getting crazy while being toweled off might be more entertaining too.


Sandy said...

That last picture is too much! It looks like she is surveying her realm!

Pug and Bugg said...

Louise on the beach is the CUTEST thing ever!!!!

Punchbugpug said...

It's always great to see Louise and her pics...she should have her own calendar!