Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not quite a bone

Tasty Stick
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We took Louise up to the dog park this evening and she had a good time barking and playing with the other dogs. There was this one French Bulldog that was small, dark and fetch-obsessed. He was entertaining to watch as he ran full tilt after his ball.

He was also very difficult to photograph well since he rarely sat still long enough. I have many blurry photos to prove it.

Louise however, wasn't really interested in this fellow. There were two larger dogs having a play fight and as usual she and another dog had to act like the resident police officers. They were barking up a storm and the other owners thought they were funny. Well the little black dog WAS kind of funny, the way his eyes would bulge out of his head whenever he barked.

Eventually we distracted Louise by tossing a stick and seeing if she would fetch it. Turns out, she was more interested in just chewing the stick and promptly laid down to do just that.

You can see more photos on my flickr account.

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Sandy said...

OK, I went to your flickr page, did she produce any splinters:-) These are the times I don't regret that I don't have any human or furry babies!