Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Louise telling ghost stories

Louise telling ghost stories
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It was a dark and rainy night.... or so the story goes. Louise and I were out for our last walk of the night along the marina and we noticed these pot lights in the sidewalk. When Louise stood beside them, it reminded me of kids telling ghost stories in a tent, with a flashlight to partially illuminate their face.

Shortly after taking this photo, the rain started to come down much harder than before. We ended up calling Holly to meet us half way with an umbrella. This made for an interesting time as Louise and I waited on Robson street (a busier street in Vancouver) under an awning. Louise was going crazy because of all the cars driving by and I was having quite the time keeping her under control. (Crazy is defined as nonstop barking - she was still a happy dog.) Eventually we made it home, moderately damp but at least not completely soaked.


Punchbugpug said...

Cool photo. Maybe she can get a job on a "ghost tour"!

Sandy said...

Has she considered a career in the theatre?