Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Working on Wednesday is rough

Normally Louise is pretty perky on Tuesdays when I bring her into the office. We had to switch days this week so that she could go visit Hiram, so instead she is in on a Wednesday.

What a difference a day makes.

This dog is near-dead. She normally walks a lot of the way to work, only using the stroller for the skytrain ride. This morning she wanted to ride in her stroller the whole way, only getting out once to pee. Even in the office, she is konked out sleeping at her 'desk' and is in no hurry to go for a walk. But since it is lunch time, I should probably coax her out.

Oh yeah - today's photo was taken at the dog park. You can see the shaved patch on her forepaw where the IV needle was inserted.


Sandy said...

Is it Hiram that tires her out? Or her recent adventures?


iTripped said...

Heh. I'm sure that Hiram did tire her out, but this was from the week prior to her stay with him.