Saturday, March 22, 2008

Granville Island Market

Since today was our first day back from vacation, we wanted to take Louise someplace different for her walk. We also wanted to get a few things from the market, so it was decided that we would go to Granville Island. It turned out to be a lot busier than we expected, given that it was also a holiday.

While Holly was inside shopping, Louise and I were out looking at boats and listening to street performers. We even saw a man go by in a kayak, and he had a little dog in the cockpit with him.

When we arrived home last night, it was raining pretty hard and we still had to go pick up Louise from Hiram's house. As you can see, the weather cleared up by morning and we had a nice, sunny day. Louise was very interested in all the sights and even tolerated the occasional little girl who would ask to pet her for a bit.

Having said and done all that, I think I am still on the hook for a late night stroll. Someone is looking up at me with that anxious look, which is her way of giving a subtle hint.

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