Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day stroll along the water

For the first day of 2008 I decided to take Louise on a nice long walk out to Stanley Park and back. Louise was having fun barking at ducks and swans and I was having fun experimenting with my digital camera.

I was annoying her with my constant stopping to take pictures and she was annoying me with the barking at birds, so for a while, we were quite even.

Of course, for most of the walk neither one of us were annoyed at all. And then near the end, when we discovered a new specialty dog store (they sell things for pet dogs like leashes, food and T-R-E-A-T-S) we just had to check it out. It was quite a nice store, filled with just about everything one would expect to find in a pet supply store, including doggie sushi. We had to sample that one. It looks like they must have had it shipped in from Richmond though, because the roll was so big that Louise wasn't able to eat it at the store (they have 2 resident dogs, one of which, Angel, who was VERY interested in what Louise had). I packaged it up and brought it home, where Louise was able to enjoy it in peace.

I think Louise was trying to convince me to make a resolution to include doggie sushi on ALL of her walks, but I just don't see that one happening.

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