Sunday, January 06, 2008

Louise and Lenny in the Dog Park

It was a pretty rainy day for a trip to the Dog park, but most dogs have to go no matter what the weather. At least it is close by.

When we got there, Louise met Lenny the pug, along with Kyle and another dog I didn't quite catch the name of. Kyle was of course barking a lot as usual, and Louise was only too happy to speak a few phrases with him.

It didn't take long until Kyle's owner grew tired of this, and he took Kyle home.

This left Louise and Lenny, who basically just hung out together without really doing much. Eventually us owners got cold enough to call it a day and we headed home.

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Nevis said...

Unfortuanately where I live doesn't really have a dog park. There are just parks that allow dogs. *laugh* I know, there's a subtle distinction, but it's there. :)