Monday, May 28, 2007

Uncle Chris!

This weekend we had Louise out to the Richmond Night Market. We were there with Chris, a friend of ours who had never experienced the Market before.

It was a great combination from my perspective, as Chris and I shared the time spent carrying Louise.

Don't get me wrong, Louise was only too happy to walk on her own, but the market can get crowded at times, and some people were starting to trample her. So most of the time she was only too happy to be carried instead. She got a much better view from there as well.

One thing about going to the market with Louise: it is like going someplace public with a celebrity. Complete strangers will stop and ask if they can pet the dog, and offer their own stories. Louise loves the attention from all of these people, so we just have fun with it.

Best part of the night for her was getting Chris to ride in the back seat with her. She wanted her ears to flap in the wind, and he was getting a bit nervous with how far she would hang out of the window.

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