Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fun in the surf

head on
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Last weekend we took Louise to English Bay to play in the surf. Well, it started off as a walk down to the seawall, but when we saw other dogs in the water, little Louise could not resist getting her feet wet.

She had a lot of fun chasing after people, blue herons and even boats. Louise tends to run about 4 or 5 feet into the water and then stop just before getting in too deep. She likes the water, but isn't the most confident swimmer - just playing in it is just fine for her.

After frolicking in the surf, we had to take her to some nearby grass to try to dislodge the sand out of her harness clip.

Happy when wet
Originally uploaded by iTripped
Eventually we had to take her home and use the hose on the harness. I was able to work it free though, so all is good as new.

I posted a few other photos from that day on my flickr account - feel free to check them out as well.

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LMizzle said...

Oh my gosh, the running on the beach photo is pure joy.