Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weekend Blues

Louise has not had a fun weekend. We had a lot of running around to do, so she was often left waiting for us either at home or in the car. Somehow she did survive though, even though it was a very tiresome process. She has been napping to regain her strength.

She did manage to make it out to Maple Ridge to visit her Aunt Janet and Uncle Gunnar though. She played with both of them and tried to eat the food set out for their pet cats (who made themselves scarce for our visit). We kept her on a tight leash though, and Louise was reasonably well behaved.

It wasn't all doom and gloom though. She did get to walk in some interesting places and meet some interesting dogs. And she did help us eat our breakfasts from Burger King. (She usually gets a little bit of sausage and egg as a treat.) But right now, our little pug is just plain old sleepy.


Jen said...

I think Barkley and Augie would agree that any weekend that includes a trip to Burger King is a good weekend.

Grandma said...

Hey, Louise how do I get on the
Comax Condo blog. I would love to
see your new pad.
I love the Vancouver pictures. Louise seems to really enjoy being there.