Monday, April 09, 2007

Another fountain downtown

I think this fountain is on Bute ave but cannot remember well enough to be sure. At any rate, we were out walking Louise and thought she should do some tourist poses in front of the fountain.

As you can see, she's familiar with the routine.

The weather has been a bit spotty lately - most days have rain at some point - either in the morning, or starting in the afternoon. Because of this, it hasn't really been warm yet. But that does not seem to stop all kinds of people who seem to be 'willing' the warm weather into existence by wearing shorts and T-shirts prematurely.

As for Louise, she is in no hurry for things to warm up too much. After a long walk, she's already huffing and puffing. I can only imagine how she will do if it gets overly warm and humid.

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LMizzle said...

Man, I wish it were only raining here! We're going to get 10 cm of snow tonight!