Friday, February 09, 2007

More pics from the car

Sometimes when out doing errands, Louise and I wait in the car while my wife runs in to get the things we need. This usually happens at places like grocery stores, where dogs are still discriminated against - I mean, not allowed in. During this time, Louise likes to just look out the window to see the passing cars.

It can be tiring though, and she sometimes needs to rest her chin on the door. Especially on a slow day.

Sometimes we get out and go for a quick walk while the shopping is being done but on this day, just sitting in the car was what she wanted.

I won't be in Vernon this weekend as there are some things I need to get done around here, so hopefully this will suffice until next weekend.


Suki said...

What a cute face she has! I like her style at the drive-thru, too, haha!

Jen said...

We just found you blog and LOVE Louise! Hope you don't mind...we added you to our must-read list on our blog.

iTripped said...

Heck no, we don't mind! Glad you like the site.