Sunday, December 24, 2006

A very puggy Christmas

Louise wanted me to post a Christmas message to all the other pugs out there this year, but once she realized what we were going to make her go through, she had second thoughts. Her first reaction was 'why do I need the stupid hat? Didn't the cats wear it?' So if she looks less than enthused, you can rest assured that it is not because she is grinch-like. She just didn't like the hat.

In fact, it was her idea to have her picture taken in front of the Christmas tree, which she helped to decorate. Or at least, she stayed out of the way long enough for us to productively get the lights and ornaments put on without disaster. One thing is for sure, every time I head toward the door, whether I am going out for groceries, or just to get something out of the storage locker, Louise is never far behind. I think she likes the extra activity, and I am also getting the impression that I'm being taken advantage of on the nightly walk, which seems to be longer than I remember it being.

Admittedly, once we decided that it was time to take a few pictures, I got a bit carried away. As you can see in this picture, Louise is looking at my wife, pleading her to make me stop. (She really didn't like the hat, I guess.)

Of course, we are still in Louise's good books because for supper tonight she was able to get a few meatballs for herself. In her words, (between gulps) she said it was the 'best Christmas ever.'

That being said, she will probably flip out when she smells the turkey being cooked up tomorrow. The best is yet to come.


My Pugs Blogger said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

rpm said...

Sounds like Louise probably had a very good Christmas!