Monday, November 27, 2006

This is me, getting ready to drive from Vernon to Burnaby in the early afternoon. One of the last things I had to do before taking off was to say goodbye to Louise. She is getting pretty used to the routine, which is to say, she turns into one sombre little pup, as she knows that I'm leaving for a while.

My wife tends to have a similar reaction, especially if I haven't been particularly aggrivating during my visit.

But this blog is about Louise, and because of that I should mention that today she went out for her walk, lasted all of three minutes or so, and then promptly ran back up the stairs to the appartment. I guess it was a bit colder outside than she wanted to deal with.

But to be clear, Louise is a huge fan of the snow. She really enjoys it. She just isn't so fond of the bitter cold, which we sometimes get up in Vernon. I can remember times last year when I would have her out for her nightly walk, and would have to stop to warm her paws, as they were getting frostbite. I would know because she would stop, and raise a paw to indicate that it was starting to hurt her. At that point I would have to pick her up, and use the warmth from the palm of my hand to gently warm her paw. Sometimes it would be enough that we could continue, and other times I ended up just carrying her home.

We are in for more cold weather in Vernon this week - hopefully Louise is able to sneak out during the day when it is (relatively) warmer than at night.