Monday, November 20, 2006


One of Louise's favorite stores around town is Zellers. For the American readers, Zellers is very similar to K-Mart. She likes this store because they will let her come in, so long as she is either riding in a shopping cart, or carried. During the summer months this can be very important, as it can get too hot to keep her in the car while we run errands.

But today was a shopping day specifically for Louise. We took her to the store to try on a 'hoodie'. The picture is of her modeling it, but what you can't see is the little hood. (You can see one of the drawstrings though.)

Ultimately, we did not get it though. The fact is, Louise is just too big in the chest and it kept sliding lower and lower. It's tough to find well fitting garments for her. If it is big enough in the body, it tends to be too long, and if it's the right length, then it seems to be designed for an impossibly thin dog. Does anyone know of pug-designed clothes?


Elizabeth said...

The "In The Company Of Dogs" catalog often has clothes that come in special "pug sizes". They are bigger around the neck area, to allow for a queen-sized scruff. They have a website, but their catalog has a better selection.

Georgia said...

Try also - there are quite a few websites that deal with Pug-specific designer wear, I'll try and get back here with some more a bit later!

Louise is soooo beautiful, she deserves to be well dressed!!!!

Georgia said...

And here's another ... in particular the Pink Night robe:

Important to note that the owner is pugged (Pugsly being her inspiration and models on the site!). Because of this she has an understanding of how "different" a pug's shape is and will customise your order for you pug.

Hope you find these useful, if nothing more than a great excuse for wasting time, trawling through the sites, going aaawwwww, how cute!!!!!!