Sunday, April 09, 2006

More weekend adventures

Well Louise had to accompany me into the office for some more overtime on Saturday. She was well behaved right up until that neighbor's doberman came out again. Then I had to hastily figure out a way to distract Louise.

Let's just say it is good that by then we were alone in the office. She made quite a ruckus.

Louise is liking weekends more and more. There are just way more opportunities for walks. Personally, I think she is taking advantage a little bit. I am thinking that a private yard would come in handy for this purpose.

Oh yeah - the other day we ran into Cookie again. It has been months since we have seen that old dog. As usual, Cookie snapped and growled at Louise, who simply put her back to her for a while until the old dog settled down. Louise peed on a spot in the yard, and Cookie had to go pee on it just to prove a point. But by then Louise didn't care, because at least Cookie stopped growling. She never did quite get friendly, but Louise was trying very hard to win her over.

Well I better wrap this up. Somebody is going to want a walk pretty soon (well, as soon as someone else is done eating - Louise tends to hover nearby - you know, 'just in case.')

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-*- Nicole & Sadie -*- said...

Sadie has this same bone toy! She loves loves loves it!