Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fresh grass for Louise

I was doing some renovation work on the condo this afternoon when my wife noticed that Louise was looking a little depressed. She doesn't like it when the both of us are busy doing other things - I'm not sure if you other pug owners have noticed this behaviour or not.

Anyway, my wife suggested I take a break from what I was doing to give Louise a walk, and it was just the thing we needed. Since it was a nice day, I decided to take Louise to the dog park and just let her run around and enjoy herself. Well it has obviously been a little while since I was there last, because all the grass is green already. As we arrived we could hear an airplane high overhead - it was the usual guy who takes the skydivers up for thier jumps. This trip, he let out two divers and we watched them parachute down.

We also had the pleasure to meet two other dogs, Lexie and Kyla. Both were Labradors, and Lexie was young and playful. She kept trying to get Louise to chase her for fun, and managed to do it a few times. Even though Kyla was about 4 times the size of Louise, she turned out to be pretty nervous of her, growling a bit and raising the hair on her back. But her owner was right there to keep control of the situation, and Louise was a good girl. Overall, I think she really enjoyed the encounter.

That reminds me - we saw another dog earlier today. Saturday mornings are usually spent by us running into town to do the weekly grocery shopping, etc. Today was no different, and at one point my wife ran into a store while I took Louise for a stroll through town. During our wandering we walked past a Starbucks (yes, Vernon has them too - lots of them) and there were people sitting outside with thier dog. This dog was about the same size as Louise, and was very friendly. He reminded me of another dog, Vern, who used to live next door to us, and who Louise just adored. Again, she was very polite and after a few minutes of sniffing each other, she came when I called for her to resume her walk. As usual, this picture has nothing at all to do with today's events. It was taken about a month ago after one of her baths.

One other thing: for all you Mac users out there, just about any blog with the little Flickr side panel (like the one I have here) will cause Safari to crash. Sad, but true. Firefox will work just fine though. More info on the problem can be found here.


-*- Nicole & Sadie -*- said...

I can't believe how crazy her eyes look in that picture. One blue and one green...i'm assuming it's the way the flash went off...She's such a beauty.

iTripped said...

Yeah, that is from the flash. We have a bunch of photos with her 'crazy eyes.'

erinator said...

that's weird... i haven't noticed my safari crashing because of that flickr side panel. in fact, a few of the other blogs i read have 'em and i've had no problems (i think). but as soon as i tried reading that drunkblog post for more info, it crashed safari. :)