Monday, March 20, 2006

We like to play in the afternoons

It's slowly getting warmer, which means we are able to take Louise outside more frequently now. Here is another picture taken quite recently during our last outing with the ball. Since then, the grass has actually started to get green, and some of the birds have returned.

It also means the frost has left the ground, which makes for muddy paws. So last night Louise got another bath, and then proceeded to get VERY silly while we were drying her off. It was one of those times when I was wishing for a camera - after we got her dry, Louise decided to play with her salmon skin bone. Yes, that is right - she now plays with it, as opposed to simply eating it like before. Louise has it gnawed down to one end, and now picks it up, flicks it and chases it around, hovers over it, barks at it, lunges, bites for a while, then flicks it again, pounces on the new location, digs at it, chews some more, well you get the idea. The cats think she has absolutely lost her mind.

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