Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring time is for bathing

Okay, so the sad truth is that somehow, my digital camera stopped working. No 'incidents' to blame on folks this time. It didn't get dropped, submerged or plugged into the wrong charger - it just decided to go on strike without notice.

But fear not, dedicated readers of Heavy Breathing. I have kept quite a stash of fresh, unseen pictures that I can make use of, and I will also make use of some 'guest photographers' from time to time just so you can keep up with the goings on with little miss Louise.

For the past few days, Louise has decided that she is going to get up early, when I do. This is VERY unusual, as her normal routine through the winter has been to sleep until about the 'crack of noon' (that's PT, or PugTime for those of you who don't know) get her 'morning walk shortly after lunch, then play and nap a bit through the afternoon so that she can be ready for begging at supper time.

Now she is liking the idea of getting that early morning walk in first, before I head off to work. I'm not sure, but I highly suspect that she is sneaking back to bed after that, until a proper PT rising. But what does all of that have with the title or the picture you ask? Well, basically nothing. I chose the title because with spring comes muddy dog parks, and with muddy parks comes dirty paws, and well you can work out the rest. This shot was taken shortly after her most recent bath.

See? I eventually came to the point.

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