Sunday, March 12, 2006

Playing with a ball

If you remember, Louise likes to chase rocks while on our walks. In an effort to save her teeth, and our sanity, we have been trying to encourage her to chase after something a little softer. Here we have Louise pictured next to her ball.

The sad part is, the ball is nowhere near as appealing as a good sized rock to Louise.

But she does chase after the ball, which is good because any time I can throw something small for her to run after, it saves me from having to run there myself. Once she catches up with the ball (or rock) then she generally trys to pick it up in her mouth to carry it off to some other place. For example, rocks on the street are always brought to the curb. This is usually a fantastic outcome because then I only have to walk half as far, and can generally take my time in doing so. I think what I need is a dog toy that is shaped like a rock.

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Anonymous said...

they make smaller size tennis balls perfect for puggy mouths. my pug loves hers since converting from rock chasing