Thursday, January 26, 2006

Time for a bath

In hindsight, I probably should have got my wife to take a few pictures of Louise while she was still in the tub covered in soap. Oh well, there will be other opportunities. What we have here though are a couple photos of Louise after she has been partially dried off.

Generally speaking, Louise doesn't mind baths. Last night she was actually liking the warmth of the water and hung around under the tap much longer than usual. She's getting used to the routine now and just lets me get the washing part done so we can move on to her favorite part: drying off.

I'm not quite sure why she likes this part so much. Probably because she gets silly whenever someone rubs a towel in her face. Anyway, I usually get about a minute and a half of good drying time before she gets crazy and starts running around the appartment. So usually my first job is to wrap her in the towel (another potential photo, I know, I know) really tight so she can't squirm out of my arms until she's at least moderately dry. Of course, she eventually settles down - it's one of the advantages of owning a pug I guess.

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