Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Can someone find me the remote?

Have I ever told you about how Louise likes to watch TV with us? Most of the time she is more interested in just hanging out with us on the sofa, but every now and then she starts to really pay attention to what is on the screen.

This is usually caused by dogs barking on the TV.

If Louise hears another dog barking, she generally wants to investigate. It also leads to a lot of barking from her, and she also wants to get as close to the TV as she can. She used to try to run around behind the TV to find the dog, but has since learned that doesn't work.

We have had similar results with the computer, so now my wife is often surfing google video for barking dogs when she wants to get Louise excited. Of course, now we need to get some screen cleaner to wipe all the doggie drool off the laptop screen, which she likes to get practically on top of. No real damage yet though, so I won't complain.

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