Wednesday, November 16, 2005

At least one of us likes the snow

gray sweater and snow
Originally uploaded by iTripped.
With the cold weather comes more doggie clothes. Generally speaking, Louise is not a fan of extra layers, and will stop to shake her fur several times during our walks. The same applies to her harness.

Still, I think even she appreciates the extra layers when it gets cold. And little dogs get cold when they play in the snow.

When it gets really cold we have some booties for Louise. We haven't been able to keep them on reliably though, and she clearly doesn't like them too much. Usually they will flop off after about 10 steps, which isn't particularly useful. Hopefully we will figure out a better solution for her before the temperature dips down far enough for us to need the boots.


erinator said...

viv and i saw a dog with a raincoat on today. and one bootie that looked like it was made out of duct tape! though, it looked like it was on because the dog had an injured paw...

maybe a little duct tape might keep the booties on... or perhaps those strings that you tie mittens onto each end so kids don't lose their mittens? maybe there could be some sort of bootie fastening system where a string connects both back booties under the sweater. same goes for the front booties?

iTripped said...

I think we (and by 'we' I mean my spouse) are going to look into making a sweater for Louise that a) covers her belly more and b) has booties attached. When she walks in wet places, it's always her belly and legs that get wet first.