Sunday, June 05, 2011

Starting to feel like Summer

Well we finally got some warm weather. Spring has been so late in arriving that it is almost summer. While Holly and I appreciate the way things are warming up, it's already evident that things are starting to take a toll on Louise. We had her out for a walk along Robson Street, which was convenient because we could slip into a store if Louise started to get too hot.

I'm still kind of surprised that I haven't seen very many water bowls set out for dogs yet. Spring may have been cold, but dogs still get thirsty.

Oh yeah, earlier today when Louise and I were out for her morning stretch, we met some people that recognized her. I was a little surprised when a lady asked me 'is that Louise? I read her blog.' I mean, Louise is famous, but I didn't think she was that famous! At first she was going to totally ignore the people, which is what she has been doing lately, but since the lady knew her name, well that kind of changed Louise's perspective a bit. She was willing to be neighborly.

What is she doing now? She is konked out in her doggie bed, snoring a little. One thing about the heat is that it really tires her out. Good thing our apartment stays nice and cool most of the time.


Wilma said...

I can sympathize with Louise. It is starting to take me a lot longer to recover after being out in the warmer weather.I don't know how she would feel about it, but I have taken to hopping into my sister Brigittes doggy stroller.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

I just adopted another pug and she is a wheezie gal too and I think maybe this is what Louise sounds like! I love seeing pictures of her because she is just so animated in her facial expressions.

Jenn Sequoia Tuni and now Emma

pugsx4 said...

Louise is indeed famous do you know how much we wait for her/your blogs? She looks just like one of my elder pugs, Beanie.. Love you Weezie.

Sandy said...

I've been going to post this for a while, Owned by Pugs just had a posting with Luna and her love of grass tickling her tummy--reminded me of Louise.