Thursday, February 24, 2011

Twitter account for Louise

I'm trying to keep up with the times. I tell you, that's what this is about. Louise now has a brand new twitter account and you can follow her by adding @wheezie_dog to your twitter feed. For a while now I have struggled to update this blog regularly enough because a lot of the time there really wasn't anything extraordinary going on, but I would have a funny photo. Well twitter seems to be about perfect for that, so I'm trying it out as a bit of an experiment.

Don't worry, this blog won't be going away. I will still update it from time to time. I'll just feel less guilty about not updating it weekly if I can still put out photos of Louise on twitter. When interesting things happen to Louise, I'll post a writeup here like I always have, and in a similar fashion. This is really just a way for me to increase what I put out.

Let me know what you think, if you like the idea, if twitter mystifies you, anything. I'm hoping this becomes a fun little experiment. Also, if you have a twitter account that is used primarily for your dog, let me know! I'll have Louise follow other dog's tweets!

Oh one final thing: if anyone knows of a better gadget for this on blogger, let me know. While the one on the side seems to do the trick, I'd prefer something with a bit more consistent formatting, etc.

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Southern Fried Pugs said...

We are on Twitter, too! We are looking for you, but you can find us @2pugsinapod.