Monday, January 03, 2011

Visiting Daisy and Gretzky

Over the holiday we went over to visit with Bill and Colleen, friends of ours. They have two great dogs, Daisy and Gretzky. We were able to bring Louise with us, which is why I'm posting about it here.

Luckily for us, Louise has already met Daisy and Gretzky, so we didn't have any real issues with the re-introduction. Having said that, Gretzky has a habit of sneaking bites of food from the other dog's food bowls and well, that wasn't the sort of thing that would put him in Louise's good graces. Any time her food bowl was down, Louise had to sit guard to ensure it was safe from Gretzky.

However, Gretzky is talented. He knows how to wait for a commotion, or distraction. According to Bill, he's a master at this. The master did score once on Louise's bowl, but not without notice. We fully expected Louise to launch into a full on attack over this, but instead she just resumed her guard.

Which was good. We commended Louise over her restraint. Still, we had a good visit with our friends, and got to see their little baby girl too which was a lot of fun. Louise likes these little adventures as they give her something different to do. Of course, with a change in her routine comes a drastic increase in her activity and well, this would ultimately have a toll.

Indeed it did. Louise was pretty tuckered out the next day and really wasn't interested in doing much other than taking a nap for about 75% of the day. Still, her spirits were up and it was certainly worth it in my eyes. Thanks again Bill and Colleen, for having us over. All three of us had a pretty good time and we can't wait to see you again in the summer.


Sandy said...

Looks like she scored a nice snuggle there.

Wilma said...

Hehe, way to go Louise. Guard the sacred food bowl. Looks like a good tired to me too. Happy New Year!