Saturday, January 15, 2011

This January feels like April

We are in the middle of the rainy season so that means our walks have generally been shorter. But today was warm so Louise and I set out despite the rain and toured the soggy neighborhood.

We did see a few other dogs out being walked, but none of her usual friends. There seems to be a lot of puppies in our community lately and well, Louise isn't a big fan of those. Specifically, she doesn't like puppies that don't have manners.

Still, she was pleasant to all we met, even if a bit aloof at times. This is of course preferable to the alternative of growling or snapping at a rowdy youngster. But as I said, there was none of that and the two of us had a pleasant stroll in the rain. I even let her read her P-mail off one of the fire hydrants, which she seemed to enjoy.

One thing about all this rain is that I try to time her visits to the office for the days that will be sunnier. This means she doesn't get into work as often. The current forecast is for the rain to break sometime around Tuesday, so if all goes well she will get her shift next week.


Wilma said...

Louise will have a lot of work to catch up on when she gets back to the office. It definitely feels like January here in CT. January in Alaska! That means we don't get so many walks either. I just can't get enough of that Louise's face. She is squeezable. Probably a good thing we can't meet in person. She probably wouldn't like that. Have a great day.

iTripped said...

Are you kidding me? Louise LOVES attention from people. Especially when they tell her how pretty or cute she is.

Even moreso if you happen to be eating something at the time. Just saying.

The Mama Monster said...

We've been having summer weather this past week. So strange but the pups are super happy about it! Hope you get some dry weather soon.