Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Season of Darkness

It's colder and darker these days, but that was no excuse tonight. Louise still got a bath. She always goes into such an event with a little hesitation but by the time we are ready to towel her off, she's crazy hyper and looking to fool around. A lot.

Tonight was no exception. Because it is colder we had to ensure that she was walked before the bath, as it would not make sense to take her outside while wet.

I'll have her in the office again tomorrow so hopefully I will get a few more photos at that time. I took this photo while we were on our nightly walk - it's in front of the Westin Bayshore hotel, where I also got a good few shots of a heron about a year ago.

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Sandy said...

That is an attractive hotel entrance. Louise would have needed her jacket here,we had at least 5 inches of snow yesterday.