Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is it time for Business Cards?

Holy moly I went a long time between posts! Louise and I have been out in the rain and mist that is typical in Vancouver during this time. My memory isn't so good but let's see if I can recall some of the adventures that Louise has had lately.

One good thing is that she is no longer on any antibiotics. We have settled into our winter routine which involves a LOT of towels after walking outside. Hey that reminds me, someone could use a bath....

Ah, but that won't be tonight. She's already snoozing on her pillow (featured in the first photo.) She has been in the habit of snoozing there lately whenever I sit at the computer because it's right next to my desk. It's not perfect, but in her terms it is acceptable. 'Perfect' for Louise would be for my chair to actually be a lazy boy that was wide enough for the both of us. Oh yeah, in the first photo she is chewing on a Denta-bone. They help clean teeth apparently. She likes' em but they make one heck of a mess.

So we were out walking last weekend and ran into a group of people who clearly were interested in Louise. I indicated that she was friendly and they could pet her if they liked. Louise decided to go over to them herself, but I think she was motivated by the McDonald's breakfast sandwich one of the girls was eating. If nothing else, at least she follows her gut I guess.

Anyway, she made some new friends and certainly enjoyed the extra attention even if she didn't get some of their fast food. Once again I realized that I need to print up some business cards for Louise, since as people start talking to me about her, inevitably this blog comes up and folks want to know how to find it. So far the easiest way for me to describe it is to tell them to search on Google for it, but really, the business card would be fun to hand out. Any thoughts from the readers? Feel free to comment.


agent99 said...

b-cards...definitely. mom loves the cards she got from moo.com - she says you can upload your own photos! and we are sooo cute, just like Weezy. she says vistaprint.com is cheaper, but not as nice. please let us know what you get, i think we need some too!

Gen & the Foo

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Cute business cards are a great idea!

PugMoon - Paula - PAPugMom said...

You can make them up and print them out real easy with a kit available at WalMart near the printer paper.

Happy Thanksgiving!

pugfreak said...

I also used moo for little business cards for Raoul's blog (www.raoulstravels.blogspot.com) and they are a nice size to carry around.