Sunday, September 13, 2009

Introducing Olive the One-Eyed Pug

One morning last week I was walking Louise in the rain. We put on our rain gear and set out for our stroll, not really anticipating the adventures to follow. Early on we met a lady with a pug puppy that was only a few months old. She had named her dog Olive and explained that she got her for a good price from a reputable breeder because her puppy has only one functional eye. It looks like this cute little dog is always winking.

We chatted for a few minutes and the two dogs got used to each other. Since Olive is still a pup, she didn't really need very long outside and was looking to go back inside pretty quickly. We hope to see more of Olive - it's always good to see another pug in the neighborhood.

After meeting Olive we continued on down to the sea wall where we saw a man with his golden retriever. He let his dog off leash for a bit and it chased after a small flock of Canada Geese, forcing them to fly out into the harbor. I managed to get a photo - if you look closely you can see the geese in-flight as they flee the chasing dog. The geese were not pleased one bit but I was surprised to see Louise was paying very close attention to what this Labrador was doing. Lately she has decided to chase after the pigeons, gulls and crows in our neighborhood and now here she was taking notes on how to flush out geese as well.

Apparently, Louise is a quick study. On our way back she noticed that the same flock of geese had decided to take flight from their safe location on the water and ran to the sea wall to investigate what all the honking was about. When she noticed they were heading back to the lawn, Louise took action. She ran out to where they were planning to land so she could chase them back to the water. I guess she didn't want the Labrador's work to be undone so quickly. As for the geese, well they were even less thrilled than before but still powerless to change things - they altered course and landed on the beach a few hundred yards away.

Oh, and I noticed that I posted a duplicate photo in last week's post. I should pay closer attention to what I am doing - either that or try not to post late at night.


Oakley and Swisher said...

I'm a one eyed pug too!

Lots of Licks--

Sandy said...

You can post any picture of Louise you want, I love to see her cute face. Her rain coat curling up to let her tail out is adorable.

Sequoia & Petunia said...

We like her coat too! And Olive is cute.

Life With Dogs said...

Handicapped pets can be a true joy. If only more folks got that...

Trudie said...

Your pug is so adorable.. I have one too, Kiki, and the love of my life, Danny passed in August. I miss him every day!