Saturday, July 11, 2009

Recovery walk

Louise has become my personal trainer. Since I pulled my back, I have been laying about the house, not moving around a lot. This is not really the best course of action for me, as I am supposed to keep moving as much as I can. This is where Louise is determined to help. She all but refuses to go for a walk if I happen to be home, unless I attend. Which, given the circumstances, is just the motivation I need to get my broken butt up and moving.

But it makes for slow, short walks.

Still, between that and some late night strolls I have been taking with Holly, my back does seem to be getting stronger again.

So what is a pug to do when her walking partner isn't at full speed? Goof around, mostly. I was feeling a bit better this morning so I happened to grab my camera on our walk. She was in the perfect mood to mug for the camera and make the most of the sunshine.

We wandered around the West End, alternating between sunny and shaded streets, to give Louise time to cool off, but I'm not sure if it was needed or not. We wandered over to Barclay park, mostly because it's close by (I was in no mood to stray too far and then have my back wear out again) but also because Louise was off-leash so I was picking areas that I knew would have very little car traffic.

Of course now we are back home and Louise is down for the count with her daily nap. I honestly don't know how she can sleep as much as she does - but she seems to be happy so who am I to complain. Gives me time to do my back stretches and post to the blog.

That's a good thing, by the way. What has gone unsaid until now is that while I recover, Louise is getting very, very well rested. I expect she will walk the socks off of me sometime soon, just as soon as I can handle it.

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Sandy said...

I just got back online after a few days away--sorry to hear about your back. I have back problems and I totally sympathise!! It is a constant battle between laying in a comfortable position and exercise. Lucky that you have Louise to keep you on the path to health :-)