Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wet, but not as cold

Another day in the office, this time with lots of rain instead of lots of snow. Yay the snow is melting, but now the city is afraid of mass flooding that may occur. Yesterday I saw some homeless guys employed downtown shoveling snow away from the drains in the street, one of the largest contributing factors to floods.

We had a lot of snow last winter and when the thaw came in the spring, I remember the reservoir was basically filled up with muddy water from erosion. It bumped up the turbidity levels in the water to the point where the whole metro area had to boil their water. Things are warming up now and I'm curious to see how it affects our water supply this time, given the anticipated high volume runoff.

For Louise's part, she takes it all in stride. It means that the puddles are deeper, and they still have slush in the water so she does get cold if we are out too long. And now she is wising up to us - if she doesn't want to go out, she will flat out refuse. Two nights ago we started to go outside but once she saw the snow, she had a change of heart. We technically made it outside, but she refused to step beyond the entrance and into the snow.

On nights that are cold and wet, having a dog that can say 'no thanks!' is having the best dog in the world.


Sandy said...

Love the raincoat.

Sandy said...

Until I looked more closely, I hadn't realized that Louise was a Hawkeye! She is wearing our black and gold colors :-)