Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Despite all that is going on, we did celebrate Chinese New Year with a feast, and Louise was feeling well enough to participate. Especially when that meant getting her own plate of cooked lamb.

When she is on medication, she is actually doing fairly well. But we can almost set our watches to when the medication will wear off and once it does, the pain is very serious. We went through a similar operation about half a year ago and the recovery was a lot less troublesome.

Our vet wanted a followup visit regardless so I'm sure we will be back either later today or possibly tomorrow and at that time we will have to take a look at how the healing is progressing. Hopefully we can find an alternative pain medication as well since Louise isn't able to make it though the night anymore. The pain seems to be worst when she has been resting.

Despite all that, Louise certainly enjoyed the lamb and we did have a good walk last night. The problem is that she has so much energy now that I have to contain her somewhat, especially around other dogs. She wants to run faster than she ought to. Anyway, I hope that last night's walk didn't also overdo it, even though we were out less than half an hour.

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Sandy said...

I have good vibes heading towards Louise today. It does look like she is enjoying her lamb in the picture.