Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun in the Fog

Apparently the weather around here is finally getting back to normal, at least according to one old guy we stopped to talk to on our walk today. Just so you know, Vancouver has been enshrouded in a thick fog pretty much all week. I haven't seen fog this thick since leaving the Maritimes.

Just to be clear, I love it. But that's because fog is nostalgic for me. I made sure to include photos of Louise in today's post, but you will also notice some interesting scenery shots to demonstrate just how much fog we are getting. Well, they are interesting to me - trust me, there are supposed to be things hidden in all that nondescript gray. One negative side effect of all of this is that our temperatures have not risen up as high as forecasted.

Louise is still limping. The routine now is to give her some pain medication when she wakes and then wait about half an hour for it to kick in (pardon the pun). That does seem to lessen the limping although it certainly doesn't take care of it entirely. Not that Louise complains much. I guess the fun of being outside is greater than any remaining discomfort. At least so far.


Sandy said...

Oh, your fog pictures bring back old memories of Seattle winters (not all good--you don't want to be in SeaTac during a fog "episode"). It is so pretty and Louise looks good.

della said...

WOW! all the pics are too great.. looks so cute :)
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iTripped said...

I am glad you enjoy it. I certainly like taking the photos and well the writing is usually pretty easy. The comments from people from far and near makes it fun too.