Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stairs to the Sea

It was sunny and warm when we went for our walk along the sea wall tonight, and we took full advantage of it. Louise had been cooped up in the house for most of the day while we were out running errands, so she had lots of energy to burn.

The tide was low and there is one spot on the sea wall that has stairs down to the beach - Louise generally isn't interested in going too far down as she is unsure of how slippery the rocks could be. Still, she wanted to come down close enough to bark at the boats that were going by, and to smell the ocean, no matter how watered down by the Fraser river it may be.

I happened to get a bunch of good pictures tonight, probably because of the bright lighting - whatever the reason, I decided to put up more than just one or two for this post. You can check out some more of them on my flickr account.

Just when we arrived back at the lobby, we happened across a couple of people with pet parrots. They were kind enough to let me get a couple photographs but honestly the colours of these birds were so bright that they didn't turn out very well. I had to desaturate the photos in order for the colours to appear 'correct'. Again, the photos are posted on flickr.

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Sandy said...

You need to see the larger version of the second picture to get the full impact of Louise's pose ;-) She appears to be inspecting the state of her domain!