Monday, May 05, 2008

Same spot at night, wide awake

While out walking Louise tonight I thought it might be fun to take another photo of the same spot as last time, this time at night. I had to really play with this photo in Gimp in order to tone down the yellow light and to draw out any other colour at all.

Perhaps there are some photo editing wizards out there who know better about these things but every time I desaturate a colour I find it difficult to then bump up the other colours. The one exception in this photo was the red from the rose bush behind Louise. I guess that colour was distinct enough that the photo editor could work with it. What I would have really liked was to bump up the green from the flower stems though.

At any rate, Louise didn't mind me fussing with the camera - this was near the end of our walk and she was only too happy to sit on the bench until I was ready to continue on home.

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Anonymous said...

I like the day picture much better.