Sunday, March 23, 2008

Something in the water

For today's walk, Louise and I headed back down to Coal Harbour to tour the marina. She likes this area because she can run off-leash, although she abused that privilege today when she ran into Yaletown Sofa.
Fortunately the store owner didn't seem to mind and even offered her a doggie treat! Now I expect that every time we walk along here, Louise is going to try to sneak back into the sofa store to find her new friend.

After that, we headed further down to where the float planes are docked and managed to see one come in for a landing. Louise had fun barking and chasing the planes (from a comfortable distance of course) and I enjoyed taking photos of airplanes. It was a nice day, if a bit on the windy side but neither Louise or I seemed to mind much.

All in all it was a full walk on a nice day. Just the sort of thing to remind me what a great place we already live in, even after just returning from a vacation.


Punchbugpug said...

Louise has the best face shots!!!!

Sandy said...

I agree, I love that grin!