Monday, February 04, 2008

Chasing big dogs

We met quite a few dogs at the park this weekend and as usual, Louise was running around acting like a traffic cop, chasing after the noisy or fast dogs. Usually the ones that were a lot larger than her. Most of the dog owners there found it entertaining to watch her run after the other dogs, barking as she goes. Louise certainly had a good time - more than once I had to call her away just to let her catch her breath before resuming the chase. Those larger dogs can run far longer than she can.

One of the other dogs that was there was a boxer named Chilco. He was fascinated with a ball and was more interested in hanging on to it and not letting the other dogs play with it than with actually playing fetch (for fear of losing the ball to another dog). So he played his version of 'keepaway', and would tend to run away from the other dogs, or park himself between the legs of a person to better defend his ball. He was a very friendly dog though, and reminded me of another similar looking one named Sam. It took me a few minutes to actually get a good photo of Chilco since he wasn't really in the mood for taking pictures and was busy fending off other dogs.

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