Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day

English Bay logs
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Today was Remembrance Day and this morning we went for a walk down along English Bay. Louise loved it because it meant she was able to run off leash for a while. I knew she needed a bath anyway, so I didn't mind if she got a little muddy.

We headed toward the water and Louise immediately spotted another dog. She headed for it in such a rush that she almost toppled the other dog into the water. A little more splashing and then she was off to the next adventure however. Louise was in one of those moods where she couldn't have enough fun fast enough.

Running along the water
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We continued along the beach for a bit until we came back to the seawall. While walking along here I noticed four World War 2 fighter planes flying in formation over our heads. There were actually two sets of four planes - I think it had something to do with the activities for the holiday. At one point they were flying very low and we could feel the rumble of their engines as they roared by. Even Louise had to take a moment to check them out.

Later, we returned to the condo where Louise got her hot bath and a chance to nap the afternoon away.

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