Monday, June 18, 2007

Fire Hydrants and Farmers Markets

As usual, we did a fair bit of running around on the weekend, including a quick trip to the local farmer's market to get some fresh veggies. This used to mean a trip across town for us, but now it's a quick two block walk - Louise likes it because a lot of other dogs come out for the market too.

Later, we found ourselves deep into suburbia and Louise needed an 'emergency pit stop', so while my wife ran into the next store to do some shopping, the dog and I headed out to find a patch of grass. When I saw Louise sniffing at fire hydrants, I could not help but to take a picture. Way to live the stereotype, Louise.

Oh, and thanks to all the people who responded to say they liked Louise's new stroller. It seems that post has generated more response than most of the other ones I have made recently. I'll try to get more photos up of Louise taking rides in it going forward.

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Christine said...

I wish our Farmer's Market would allow dogs. It would be more fun.