Saturday, May 05, 2007

Louise gets raw

We recently decided to switch Louise to a raw food diet, instead of the carb-a-licious cereal like stuff she used to eat. Gone was the doggie kibble, here was fresh beef tripe, raw salmon and pureed vegetables.

Louise has always shown enthusiasm at meal time so it wasn't like her reaction was unusual. We started with beef because that is supposed to be a good flavour to build up the proper enzymes and stuff. (As usual, I only 'mostly' paid attention, so I may be over simplifying things here.) One thing that is different, is now I have to wash her bowl after each meal since well, raw meat left lying around is less than sanitary. That part I know I have right.

There is a bit of adjustment for Louise though - before she was able to eat her dog food pretty much whenever she was hungry. Now, she gets fed twice a day, and she is always ravenous by feeding time. Hopefully, this is a temporary thing as she adjusts to the new diet. If we notice she is losing any weight, at that time we will increase her portion size.

Louise votes for the portion size starting now.

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