Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Feeling good today

Vancouver is warming up. Fast. Today on our way in to the office, Louise almost got overheated. This would be normal if it was summertime, but since just last week was rainy and cold, it was pretty noticeable. I even had to take off my jacket, it was getting so warm.

I suppose we can deal with this easily enough, just by bringing some cold water with us when we go on trips like this. At this point though, so far so good.

Also on the way in, we almost got caught on TV. We walk past a local TV station and they had the weather reporter out front giving today's forecast - we had to walk around her to avoid getting on camera and spoiling the shot.

Later still, in the office, I let Louise have a little bit of yogurt. Can you tell by looking at this photo that I took immediately after? Yes, those would be spots of goodness on her lip, nose roll and eyebrows. I'm amazed that I got a shot without her licking her lips, which she has been doing while I type this out.

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