Saturday, April 21, 2007

Louise helps organize

One of the activities we are doing this weekend is a continued effort to organize our things inside our condo. To this end, everyone has to pitch in and help.

Some help more effectively than others.

Louise did her part, helping to motivate us and to generally keep morale high. Here you can see her helping us to make a plan of where things should go, etc. While our initial idea was for Louise to be the keeper of the plan, she eventually rescinded that responsibility, due to the general state of exhaustion it seemed to leave her in. Louise felt her efforts were better spent on other areas of helping out, such as cat herding and food bowl cleanup. Also, some continued surveilance of the sofa seemed to be in order, to make sure we were not putting too many things on it.

Other than that, Louise is settling into a routine pretty quickly. She is meeting lots of local dogs, chasing after cars is now a part-time effort, largely dependent on how energetic she is at the time and getting to see lots of new places.

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