Monday, July 03, 2006

Somebody was having a good old time

I'm pretty sure that Louise had a good weekend. With Saturday being Canada Day, we had her out that night to see the fireworks. Last year she saw some fireworks but didn't really understand what was going on. This year was a little different - when the show got started, I held up Louise so she could see what was going on over the trees. This is because we were able to watch them from just outside our place, without having to drive anywhere.

She didn't really notice them at first (which is kind of understandable, since fireworks shows in Canada do tend to be much smaller than shows in the US) so we started playing a game with her where we would 'bark' when we heard the explosions. It didn't take her very long to join in, at first with the puggy 'lazy half bark' and then with more and more enthusiasm as the show went on. About halfway through the show, she noticed the fireworks and from then on, she was bravely barking at these strange things in the sky. It was entertainment for the whole family.

Then on Sunday, it was back to the lake. More good times, and the water was very nice. The walk to the beach seemed shorter than we remembered and Louise must have met about twenty other dogs. I think she slept better than all of us that night.


mypugsblog said...

Wow - what a lucky pug! We could see fireworks in our neighborhood from our bedroom window - and the pugs had no problem barking everytime they went off!

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog yesterday, and I nearly missed my bus home, I was so engrossed in Louise's antics!! Thanks for a wonderful blog, it's great to read about your complete and utter adoration of Louise, which of course is as it should be!!!! (I have 2 Pugs, one of which was a rescue) I'll be back each month for the latest goss!!!!


Mi LiL Liu said...

this pug is so0o cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mi LiL Liu said...

this dog is so0o pretty ur lucky!!!!!!!

Mi LiL Liu said...

aww illl bet that was refreshing