Monday, July 24, 2006

Electrical storm

On our morning walk I had to take a detour and stop at the local store. This was because Louise was quickly expiring due to the heat. After soaking her thoroughly and giving her some ice water to drink, I had to call my wife to come pick us up in the truck, as there was no way Louise would make it up the hill in this heat. Once home, Louise slept most of the day away inside (with air conditioning ON) so we went to the non-dog beach to see the Dragon Boat races.

This meant I owed Louise one heck of a walk that night. As luck would have it, by the time I was ready to walk the dog, the clouds had rolled in and we had one of the largest electrical storms I can remember. Luckily, things were happening off in the distance while we were in exposed areas like the dog park, but were much more active as we got closer to home. It wasn't raining heavily and was definately very humid. It was an interesting night though, as for once, it seemed that almost everybody was out on their balcony watching the lightning. Several people were taking pictures, including one of the guys I work with. So no more stock photos, this one is the real deal, taken in front of his house last night. Thanks for the picture, Paul. It turned out really well.

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