Sunday, April 23, 2006

Visiting the coworkers

Another weekend means another day at the office. The doberman is out barking in the back yard, which has Louise plenty excited, but she is trying real hard not to bark too loudly.

You see, we aren't alone in the office today.

Lani, one of my co-workers was also in to put in some overtime, and she just loves visiting with Louise. As you can see by the picture, Louise is also happy to visit with Lani. When Lani picked up Louise, the first thing she said was "oof, you are HEAVY."

Now in Louise's defense, Lani does not own a dog of her own and had no idea how heavy a dog should be. Either way, Louise didn't seem to mind, and was extra cooperative when it came time to pose for the camera.


myjensen said...

You are such an adorable dog Louise!

rpm said...

extreme beauty comes with a little more weight...we have plenty of weight at our house.

Vegetapaul said...

hmm... iTripped's stale pug blog eh?

iTripped said...

Yeah yeah....maybe if I could get SOMEONE with a camera to take pictures of my dog, I could post more. who do I know, who sits next to me at the office, who has a digital camera?

(iTripped ponders)

Vegetapaul said...

I don't know who, but they better get their act together!