Friday, April 14, 2006

Overtime AGAIN

Well here we are again - technically it isn't weekend work if it is only Good Friday, but it sure feels like weekend work. As you can see here, Louise was a little disappointed that the doberman didn't show herself, so she took a quick nap in between visits from other employees who dropped in throughout the morning.

Of course, by lunch time Louise was quitting the office, to head back home. She was needed to help with some more renovation projects. Of course, during lunch we went out for a walk and she got to meet some new dogs. One was even a puppy. We also got some new food for her, this time switching back to her favorite brand.

Overall, she has been having a good day.


rpm said...

That sounds like a very good day.

Puggyspice said...

Louise, you are a beautiful little girlie!